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Graham W. August, 2018

I have been seeing Xing for months now and have noticed a tangible difference in my rate of recovery from his cupping/dry needling techniques. He’s also a great person to talk to and is now a friend. The patient rooms are always clean and state of the art as well.

Kim. T February, 2018

I am a nurse practitioner in Manhattan and have been to several conferences where research is presented proving that acupuncture helps with non-specific back pain, side effects of cancer treatments (such as xerostomia and neuropathy), and mental health issues. I decided to check it out for myself! Johnson has been treating me for trapezius pain since fall of 2017. My pain level has dropped from about an 8 of 10, so much that it was waking me up at night, to an everyday 2 of 10, where I hardly notice it unless I do an activity that exacerbates the issue. Johnson is extremely professional and knowledgeable about his trade as well as eastern medicine in general! His practice environment is clean and calming. He uses electro-acupuncture and cupping to help ease muscle spasms and increase circulation. We have also used these techniques to ease my acne flare ups as well as stress levels! And we used blood-letting of the ears for inflammatory issues. I highly recommend Johnson! Besides being amazing at his job he is friendly and easy to talk to, which makes the visits more fun!

Kristen W. December 2017

Xing Zhang has treated both my physical body pains and emotional roller coasters for over a year now. I have seen a tremendous, life changing adjustment to my overall state of well being due to his kindness, smarts, compassion and care in treating me. He is a fantastic listener and quickly and methodically comes up with a customized plan to treat his individual patients. I came in the door with anxiety, body pain, muscle aches and terrible times sleeping at night. He has adjusted my body to relieve much of these ailments and I walk around with a much clearer head and better mind/body connection as a result. You can not find a more compassionate and kind person to treat you. I highly recommend Xing Zhang. 

Courtney T. November 2017

I have the BEST time during my visits with Johnson(Xing). I've been visiting him for about a year now for multiple reasons- injuries and skin related. Each time I walk out feeling rejuvenated, and a new person. My pain (both shoulders, neck, and lower back) go away, and each visit has had tremendous long term effect on my body. Johnson makes you feel comfortable and relaxed- and I always end up laughing the whole visit. I love it! I've recommended his services to many friends and colleagues, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for acu/cupping services!

Rachelle C. - October 2017

Xing Zhang was recommended by a coworker and friend of mine who has knee pains. Xing treated my friend and helped him tremendously. I don't particularly like needles. However, Xing has made it very comfortable for me. First time I walked out of his clinic, I felt calm and I slept very well. Now I can't wait to see him every week.


George J. - September 2017

I am a relatively new patient but have been very impressed with the staff, the integrated approach they take to wellness, and their great attitude! I would highly recommend checking them out if you are in pain and suffering.


Julie B. - August 2017

Xing Zhang is great about finding appointment times that work for me, and spends a lot of time with me when I'm in the office (I never feel rushed, which is great). I've been to other acupuncture offices where I feel like they're just swindling me out of money, but I never feel that here. He truly recommend exactly what regimen you need to feel better - nothing more, nothing less. And I really do always walk out of there feeling lighter and better than when I walked in. Can't recommend highly enough!

Brent T. - July 2017

Great find! Consistently good care, cheerful staff and finally a holistic approach to wellness.

Jean W. - July 2017

I have taken my partner to many acupuncturists, but Xing Zhang has been one of the best. My partner makes a weekly appointment with Xing who has been tremendously helpful.

Maddie N. - June 2017

I had the best acupuncture treatment from Xing. He was very attentive and really listened to all my aches and pains.  I was experiencing an unsightly stye which he treated.  The next morning the stye was gone and my skin was glowing, just in time for my date!  I can't recommend this place enough.


Steven R. - June 2017

Went in for my back pain, as soon as the session was done with Xing Zhang I felt instant relief... Xing Zhang is the man with the needles.

Anthony W. - May 2017

I had acupuncture from several places,  and Xing Zhang Acupuncture In Brooklyn by far has been the best.

Michelle R. - April 2017
Acupuncture is the best treatment and gives me great relief. I have been treated for migraines, a weak metabolism, weight loss, anxiety, stress, and digestion issues. I suffer from lower back pain mainly but I also have problems with my neck and bursitis in my left shoulder. From pounding the pavement, I sometimes have pain in my feet or knees. I have meralgia paresthetica - numbness and tingling in my left thigh due to a compressed nerve. I've fallen a few times and been treated for that too. Acupuncture has helped me with it all!!


I've worked with all their acupunturists over the years. I'm now working with Xing Zhang and he is amazing!! He does this combined technique called motor point acupuncture that gets deep into the muscles. I love it!

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